Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital


Okayama Saiseikai


Mission Statement

We provide reliable medical care by giving consideration to every people based on the founding principle of Saiseikai by extending the helping hands to those in need.


Basic Principles

  1. Providing reliable medical care
    We provide patient-oriented, safe, secure, and high-quality medical care.
  2. Role of public base hospital
    We act as a local public base hospital for medical care on emergency/acute disease, specialized medical treatment, cancer patients, remote rural area and various disasters.
  3. Response to residents’ needs
    We provide the cooperation of health, medical care and welfare for the various needs by the local residents.
  4. Promotion of human resource development
    We widely promote human resource development and aim to create a fulfilling workplace.
  5. Practice of founding principle “Saiseikai”
    We work on social contribution projects through free or low-cost medical treatment and support for the needy people.
  6. Promotion of international cooperation
    We promote personnel exchanges and international cooperation from an international perspective.
  7. Maintaining sound management
    We will implement sound management in order to achieve the above 6 items and continue.

Director: Junji Shiode

President: Dr. Junji Shiode, MD


Patient’s Right

We respect the patient’s right based on their individual dignity listed below.

  1. We provide safe and high-quality medical care for all patients.
  2. You will receive thorough explanation and information.
  3. The patient is allowed to choose from available and recommended treatments.
  4. You may ask for a second opinion from another healthcare professional.
  5. Patient confidentiality and privacy is protected.
  6. Patients have a right to access their medical records.


Patient’s Responsibility

We ask our patients to adhere to the following rules in order to receive safe and high-quality medical care.

  1. Patients must provide health information in as much detail as possible.
  2. We encourage patients to ask questions so they can understand the medical treatment they will be receiving.
  3. We ask patients to refrain from doing anything that will interrupt medical treatment.
  4. Please help us maintain our medical environment comfortable.
  5. Please follow infection prevention rules of the hospital.
  6. Patients are required to discharge or move to another hospital once the duration of treatment is complete.
  7. We ask for your permission to allow interns, medical students, and nursing students to participate in their training and education.
  8. Medical fee is required to be paid on time.


Department & Center





Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital

2-25, Kokutai-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, 700-8511, Okayama


Okayama Saiseikai Outpatient Center Hospital
Okayama Saiseikai Health Check-up Center

1-17-18, Ifuku-cho, Kita-ku, Okayama-shi, 700-0013, Okayama


Phone & FAX

Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital
Okayama Saiseikai Outpatient Center Hospital

Phone +81-86-252-2211  FAX +81-86-252-7375

Okayama Saiseikai Health Check-up Center

Phone +81-86-252-2231  FAX +81-86-251-1671


Parking Lot





The emergency center of 24-hour basis is on the 1st floor of the Okayama Saiseikai General Hospital in Kokutai-cho.


Please, bring health insurance certificate and patient‘ ID card (if you have one) and show them to the reception.

Patient ID card
Patient ID card
(If you have)

Health Insurance Certificate

Health Insurance Certificate


Medical treatment at the emergency center is different from ordinary outpatient practice, for the following reasons;


If you wish to get emergency medical care, please contact us by phone in advance.
For inquiries, please call: 086-252-2211






When you decided to admit to the hospital
  1. Make Reservation.
  2. On the day of admission, please go to the Reception Desk of the Admission Center, 1st Floor.
  3. After you have hospitalized, schedule of treatment, and predicted date of discharge will be explained.
  4. Before discharge, you are expected to pay the hospitalization cost at the cashier using automatic checkout machine.


Visiting Hours

Please do not visit the patient in the morning hours, when the patients usually receive medical treatment. Also, please keep the regulations of short visiting hours, lesser number of visitors, and refrain from eating or drinking in the patient room.

Hospital room Visiting hours
General ward 13:00 ~ 20:00
Neonatal room 13:00 ~ 20:00
High Care Unit 12:00 ~ 12:30, 19:00 ~ 19:30
Intensive Care Unit 12:00 ~ 12:30, 19:00 ~ 19:30
* Family only


If you don’t know the ward you visit, please ask at the General Information, Reception or Admission Office, 1st floor. As for the room number, please ask at the ward staff station.

More information is here https://www.okayamasaiseikai.or.jp/inpatient/visitation/